“Creanature” creativity camp in Lithuania will be held June 08 – 22, 2014 in the village of Paluode, County of Salakas, Region of Zarasai in a farmstead on the shore of Luodis Lake. The main idea of this “Artlab” is “Creation and communication”.
The surrounding nature will create special environment for artists who’d like to escape from the urban noise and to create in peace.
Hopefully, forest, fields with wild strawberries, lake and its energetic powers, and communication with likeminded peers will dictate ideas for future pieces of art and installations. “Creating and Fishing” dictates conditions to participants, hence we are inviting people who are involved in fishing activity or like it as a hobby.
We encourage use of natural materials available in the area of the camp and around.
Artists who will be invited represent Painting, Fine Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Audio and Visual Arts, Performing Arts.
Painting - (canvases, brushes, other tools) depending on authors’ needs are supplied by organizers.
Sculpture - Wood to be used from the spare resources of saw mill, various thickness and length planks and other wooden pieces.
Ceramics – clay to be used is clay of Ukmerge found in northern Lithuania, burning temperature 1160 degrees. We will be using the oldest and most primitive ceramics burning method - burning firewood. For bigger ceramic objects ceramic oven will be available at the camp.
Materials for fine art installations and audio/ video projects to be supplied according to artists’ needs.
Artists are required to fill in the application form in which they have to describe their planned activities and tools necessary for the execution of their project.
Organizers will provide only basic materials and tools for creation processes. Should artists need other tools for their project, they must bring them themselves.
Organizers guarantee:

• Accommodation and food for 10 persons.
• Safe conditions and tools for art creation processes.
• Great surroundings, at a remote and exclusively nice country estate on the shore of the lake.
• Company of likeminded artists.
• Sightseeing tours around northern Lithuania whilst canoeing, hiking, and cycling.
• Meetings with artists, poets, musicians, environmental specialists, interesting people from local areas.
• Conditions for fishing: boats, fishing permissions, generous catch. (participants should bring their own fishing tools such as fishing poles and other equipment)
Other planned activities are diving, beer brewing, eco sauna, surfing, flying the Para motor etc.

Creative camp is communication, dialogue during creative processes, generation of ideas, collaboration, self-assessment in a different, foreign environment and a window for new opportunities.
The final exhibition will contain pieces created in the camp. The documented information will remain in the Museum of Grazutes Regional Park, in Salakas town.

You can find more information about Luodis lake here: http://lt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luodis. http://www.grazute.lt/
www. creanature.net
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VšI „ Be batų“ c/c 133668467
Kovo 11-osios 112a. 49374 Kaunas,
Darius Straigis


 The CREANATURE network (“Be batų“ /LT/, Art Group ROKU /LV/, Asuurkeraamika /EE/), invites you to the opening of an art exhibition and presentation of the CREANATURE catalogue on 8 November at 6 pm, in the Asuurkeraamika tower, Kooli 7 – Tallinn, Estonia. on 5 of December at 5pm, in the Žalgirio arena Karaliaus Mindaugo 50 Kaunas, Lithania.
The exhibition will feature works by more than 50 artists from various countries who have taken part in Art Labs in Lithuania, Latvia, and in Estonia.

Acknowledgments: NORDEN foundation, Nordic - Baltic Mobility program Culture, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Kaunas City Council, Roja Municipality, Gražutė Regional Park.

More info: www.creanature.net, www.facebook.com/creanature.

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Artlab Lithuania, Paluodė 10-23 June 2013  Artlab Latvia, Roja 27 July10 - August 2013  Artlab Estonia, Hiiumaa 12-24 August 2013

“CREANATURE” - initiation and implementation of various projects, related to culture, professional art, ecology, nature, contemporary technologies and communications.

Cultural cooperation network „Crenature“ unites partners from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The main idea is cooperation of creative and artistic organisations with juridical (fishers associations, touristic, ecological organisations, business enterprises) or private bodies, who perform their activities in nature. The main aim is to relate creation with leisure time and favourite occupations, to initiate and perform exchange among partners of the network, to spread the ideas of the network – creation in nature.
One of the main activities of  “Creanature”  is organising creative camps “Artlabs”. The aim of the camp is to collect artists of various art fields for creative process in environment that is interesting, attractive but not specifically meant for creation. Creative camps may be organised in various surroundings: country cottages, nature reserves, regional parks, private estates, sea or mountain resorts. A team of art professionals coming to the spot would act as a cultural creative crew that aims at discovering anew, exploring and showing to the public unique local objects (historical, architectural, ethnographic heritage) and nature, meeting the local community, learning its traditions, cooperating with its members. The exploration process would include activites favoured by the artists and the local community – tourism, sport, educational events of culinary heritage, fishing, etc. The works made by artists during the artlabs and all the documentary material will be presented in follow-up exhibitions that will be organised by art galleries of network partners.                                                             
“Creanature” suggests their idea and invites persons and enterprises who relate their activities to nature, also artists and art organisations to become partners for joint cultural creative work at international level.


Project "Creanature" has received financial support from the NORDEN fundation, Nordic - Baltic Mobility program  Culture.